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Divorce Solutions is one of Australia’s only dedicated and comprehensive services for divorcing couples, providing legal, financial and counselling support for families.

The breakdown of a relationship is one of the most traumatic experiences a family can go through. As well as affecting your personal life, it can affect your work, your relationships, your friendships and your financial stability.
If you have children, their future and maintaining an amicable relationship with your partner are the most important considerations in your divorce.
While the traditional approach to divorce – contacting a lawyer – looks after your legal rights, it doesn’t help you deal with all the other issues that arise like the financial burden of a drawn-out legal process or the strain on relationships.
Divorce Solutions works on the principle of collaborative law which means all parties must sign an agreement to settle out of court within a set timeframe. 



Is Divorce Solutions for me? 

View our four step process to determine whether the collaborative law approach to divorce is right for you.

Putting children first

The most important thing in any divorce proceedings is the welfare of your children. At Divorce Solutions we have a strict policy of putting children first.





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